Using the Simple Power of Classified Content

One of the things we strive to do with Xtrant is eliminate the therbligs The fewer steps it takes to complete a task, the fewer movements–the fewer times you have to think within any process–the more efficient and natural the experience is, and the more useful and powerful the tool. Combining power with simplicity is a touchstone we judge all of our decisions against – and “classified content” is an excellent example of this philosophy in action.

Within a single project you might have team members with different levels of responsibility.  You may be collaborating between vendors, employees, clients and other stakeholders; some of whom need access to sensitive material that others within the project aren’t privileged to see. Our simple solution is to allow you to specify who can see classified content on a project by project basis, and mark P&R (Presentation & Review) Assets as classified when you post them.

For example, you might want to make your internal team classified and post iterations and process documents for discussion as classified content, while posting client-ready deliverables as non-classified that everyone (including the client) can see and discuss. Or you may make your project leads, sales people and customer leads involved with negotiations able to “view classified content,” so they can share contracts and price lists, without exposing sensitive information to vendors, contractors or non-management personnel .

The following images show how the process works.

First I’ll add Mike to the project, marking him able to “view classified content.”

Now I’ll add two assets, a photo that anyone can see, and a contract that has sensitive information in it. I mark the contract “classified.”

Since Mike can “view classified content” he can see both files.

When I add Amy to the project, I DON’T mark her able to “view classified content.”

Amy can see the “unclassified” photo in this P&R group, but not the “classified” contract.

In actuality, Amy is always allowed to see classified content, because she’s our “Director of Business Development.”  While you’re at it, do her a solid and sign up for Xtrant now - it’s getting more powerful every day.