Simple Technology for a Busy Time

Like most start-ups in early launch phase, Xtrant is busy.  And also, like most start-ups, our communication strategy includes a blog.  Of course, we used WordPress to create our blog.  It was easy to implement in a short time, and it is easy to manage, so we can spend more time managing and improving Xtrant, rolling out new features, dealing with upcoming events, and growing marketing and communication channels.  (Including writing this, our first blog post.)  We didn’t even spend too much time customizing the template: No need, it’s doing its job, as you are here reading this.

Good, solid, simple tools that are easy to adopt and implement for their purpose win, especially when you want to spend time actually getting things done.

Pitch Deck Page

Using Xtrant to promote Xtrant and communicate with others about Xtrant.

As a company Xtrant takes advantage of the tools at our disposal.  We use UserVoice for our support site/help desk, we are experimenting with MailChimp to send out newsletters and information to our subscriber base.  And we use our very own Xtrant to communicate to our vendors, keep track of our internal projects, even to communicate to potential investors.  We call it “eating our own tail” (like the mythical Ouroboros.) And by using it every day we notice what works, and what can be improved.  We are in the shoes of our customers.

Stay away from solutions that require too many thought processes.  The most powerful tool is always the one you will use.

What powerful and simple tools do you use?