Xtrant fits the bill for Memphis College of Art’s unique projects!

mca_smWe love getting to see Xtrant in action, morphing to fit the needs of our users’ unique projects,  so we just couldn’t wait to see the results when Memphis College of Art started using Xtrant!  Carrie Corbett, Director of College Communications had her interest piqued after hearing us give a presentation at MCA.  Now, Carrie says her whole department uses Xtrant “to utilize our time much more effectively, increasing our productivity and decreasing our stress level.”

We asked Carrie some questions to see how her team is using Xtrant for Productive Sharing:

What were the main points of frustration you faced before you started to using Xtrant?
The main points of frustration were getting input from multiple people on the design, and information on the various collateral pieces. We previously had to email people with the pieces attached and it was time consuming and unwieldy to have to go back through the email thread to find people’s comments or determine who had responded and who hadn’t. Also, I was the main point of contact, so if I was away from my office in at meeting, etc., there was no progress until I could come back and send out the email.

How has Xtrant specifically addressed those problems?
With Xtrant, we have the ability to designate all of the stakeholders for each project. We all get the email with the designs from our graphic designer at the same time and, if I am out of the office, there is no time lost on the project. We are able to communicate through the comments and I can see at a glance who has responded and who I still need to follow up with. It has really streamlined the entire process.

What are the top three features you love about Xtrant?
I love the ability to set up and manage multiple projects, each with their own set of stakeholders. I love the fact that you can upload so much information/graphics to each project. I love the comments so that we can have communication about the project.

What specific problems did Xtrant address that other institutions like yours might be able to relate to?
The field of marketing and communications is very fast-paced and loaded with deadlines. Xtrant has allowed us to utilize our time much more effectively, increasing our productivity and decreasing our stress level.

What is the single biggest reason you would recommend/why you love Xtrant? It streamlines our project process and makes my life much easier!

We’re delighted that Memphis College of Art is using Xtrant to collaborate more efficiently! What projects are you working on that are floundering because of friction, redundancy and miscommunication?

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