Presentation & Review

Presentation & Review items (or P&R for short) are posts and uploads that are important to your project.  These can be anything from digital files to Website URLs/links to editable text documents and code snippets.


Only those you designate project contributor may post in “P&R,” but both contributors and participants can comment on those posts.

In Presentation & Review you can…

  • Drag and Drop files to upload directly from your desktop.
  • Create a document in Xtrant. XtrantDocs act like word processor documents, and can be formatted, edited and printed directly within the app.
  • Post code snippets with line numbering and color coding for development teams.
  • Upload almost any file type from PDF to DOC to CAD files and popular image formats (plus quite a few obscure file types.)

TIP: Some users make the mistake of putting a group of images into a document and then posting the document to P&R.  Presentation & Review works best if you upload the items you wish to discuss directly.  Just post, label and describe them in the Xtrant interface.  Each item can then be discussed and viewed individually, without the need for downloading files to view them.