Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich

Xtrant Xtrant Xtrant Xtrant If you were born before 1975 you probably remember photocopies being called “Xeroxes” after the company that first successfully commercialized dry print technology in 1959 via a giant machine that sat in its own room (and was probably sat ON by an office worker for a derriere selfie before 1960.)

And Xerox still hates that people use their trademarked name as a verb, or as a noun. Though I’m sure they still get a perverse pleasure in people calling a copy produced by a Canon machine a Xerox, like someone happy that their ex accidentally called their new spouse by the ex’s name. What does that have to do with Xtrant (aside from the X in the name?) It’s all about nomenclature, as we now have users that refer to Xtrant Projects as “Xtrants.“  Which is great, but can be confusing without charts and graphs. We have the company Xtrant, that created the product/application Xtrant, and users who each have their own Xtrant Instance (or account), and they may belong to a business Xtrant, and they can make Xtrant Projects – that some of them call Xtrants.  We’ve heard people say “I made an Xtrant for that.” or “I’ll put you on that Xtrant.” So an Xtrant member makes an Xtrant in their Xtrant on Xtrant.  (Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich.)

Here’s that chart.  Behold the potential relationships between Xtrant, members and projects.The Xtrant Ecosystem Is this clear?  Does the nomenclature even matter?

One way that it matters: We’ve had some people say “Xtrant isn’t for me, because I don’t do projects.”  Not true – in fact I would guess that half the projects in Xtrant aren’t projects in the traditional sense.  Many perform other functions – as communications center for a board of directors, or a place for an accountant to post weekly financial reports for a business, even as a platform for teams of students to post research and share knowledge.  What about Workspace? It’s a solid word, and we’re working it into our explanations, but it can sound a bit clunky as well.

What do you think?  Does it matter if someone says “I’m using Xtrant” or “Let’s make an Xtrant for that” or “Put it on Xtrant”? As long as Xtrant is easy to use and provides value it doesn’t matter at all what one calls it. Project, Workspace, Xtrant, Malkovich – just know that EVERYONE on Xtrant can create one and and invite anyone else to work with them.  (And get stuff done, even projects.)