New Features • People Status, Invite Reminders and More.

Xtrant is about shared knowledge and open communication, and it’s also about accountability and trust.  For what we call “productive sharing™” to be truly productive all of these attributes come into play.  To that end we have added a few new features to the “people” section of your Xtrant projects:  Person Status,  Pending/Send Reminder, and Invite Permissions.


  1. Person Status: When you click on a persons name within a project, in addition to being able to see their contact information, you can now see the last time they’ve visited the project.
  2. Pending / Send Reminder:  When you add a user to a project – their name will have the word (pending) after it until they’ve visited the project.  When you click on their name to view their info and status you will also have the ability to click “send reminder” to re-invite them to the project.
  3. Invite Permissions: When you are adding a person to a project (or when you are in edit mode on that person) you can now let them invite others to the project.  (This is especially helpful if they have their own team members they’d like to share the project with.)

More new features to come.  Xtrant is getting more powerful by the minute – make sure to invite your friends, and let them invite their friends, and so on…and so on…and so on.

Oh – did you see the Time Tracking demo?  (Time tracking is available to PRO users only.)

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