Empowering the Squiggles

Xtrant, it's for a squiggle person, or a straight line person.There are two kinds of folks in this world, the straight lines and the squiggles.

Straight lines are those organized, by the book, solid citizens who are easily detectable by their uncluttered desks and penchant for lists.  And folders in filing cabinets, plus folders on their desktop and carefully cataloged and categorized email clients.  All those to-do type programs and methods are just MADE for them.  But they don’t even need those tools…they’d be organized straight-lines if all they had was a chisel and a stone tablet.

Lists are big with straight line people – and I totally respect that – and there are lots of tools out there that help those folks keep their lists.  But those tools aren’t for me, cause I’m the other kind.

I’m a “squiggle.”

Squiggles are the sideways thinkers, the quick starts, the ADD addled masses who are usually being forced to walk that straight and narrow at work (and forcing themselves to fake it.)  Growing up they felt guilty for not being as organized as those few alien-robot kids who had it all together.   So they read a book about productivity, and give those tools a try, find them useful (for about a week) and then drop them as they regress into their old scattered or makeshift ways. Or else they rebel when “management” forces them to learn a new way of working “for their own good.”

They shouldn’t feel guilty, they are just being what they are – human. Humans in need of a flexible tool that allows the straight lines and the squiggly people to communicate and be productive together.

Think of Xtrant as a BabelFish for squiggles and straight lines. But it’s not only a communication tool, it helps all kinds of folks organize their thoughts and tap into their inspiration.

I come up with a lot of ideas all at once, and I usually forget everything but the LAST idea I came up with. And all of those other ideas in that instant brainstorm can get lost, because my mind is going that fast. Now when I have a burst of inspiration I pull up Xtrant, and write those ideas down in the context of the project I’m thinking of.  It’s about keeping all of your information contextually in one place. It’s useful, and powerful. And it’s powerful because it’s intuitive – natural.

Humans are a distractible bunch – our brains all want to get fed new information, constantly – that’s why these asynchronous, distraction-sharing thought-burst machines like Facebook and Twitter are so popular.

Xtrant incorporates the way people are used to interacting online, for both Straight Lines and Squiggles – but instead of a perpetual party in the cloud, Xtrant is a perpetual meeting in the cloud.

Instead of “social sharing,” we use the same protocols to create an environment of productive sharing – so you can use Xtrant to organize multiple stakeholders around any initiative; like buying a house, or planning a party, or writing a contract, or developing an ad campaign, or sharing and comparing scientific data models over time (we actually have people doing that on Xtrant right now, and it’s already being used by students for study groups, development shops, PR and social media consultants, architects, production companies, lawyers, even a church choir, a writing group and a golf course.)

We aren’t project management and we aren’t an internal social media platform or even just a file sharing system. We’ve designed Xtrant to hit the sweet spot between project management, client communication, social engagement and collaboration – all in a clean interface that’s easy to understand and adopt, whether you’re a squiggle or a straight line.