Google Wave Withdrawal? Cure it with Xtrant.

When Google Wave was announced back in 2009, I will admit, we were kind of worried. Here we were translating our founding application (The Sposto Interactive Extranet – launched back in 2004) into what is now Xtrant, our goal to give the world the power of productive sharing that helped make our small firm compete on a large stage.

Then suddenly the all powerful Google announced Google Wave – and declared a similar mission – including that of being an “email killer.”  Dammit, that’s what we wanted to be – and actually are.  (In fact, one of our most active customers REQUIRES all of their clients to communicate to them only via Xtrant.  No emails allowed.  They have started over 200 projects in our system since our soft launch in November – and they aren’t the only ones killing their email with Xtrant.)

Back to Google Wave – we honestly didn’t shed many tears at it’s demise – though we hoped WE would be the ones to get it right – strike the right balance between project management, client communication, social engagement and collaboration.

From what we’re hearing from our customers, we have struck that balance – and one comment we’re repeatedly getting is “Wow, Xtrant is like Google Wave, only it’s easy to use and understand.”

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 8.03.25 PM

Clear and easy to follow.


A little confusing.

How is it similar?  Think of each Xtrant project as the equivalent of a WAVE…add the people you are working with, and keep all of your interactions and communications and  assets you are sharing, etc, in one place.  As that project grows – everything shared and discussed turns into a running log of your progress – a reference point for that topic.  The power of context keeps everyone, literally, on the same page.

So don’t despair – come and surf the Xtrant wave!