Of Documents and Village People

Only a few days until the first annual Everywhereelse.co The Start-up Conference opens in Memphis. This is the largest start-up conference in the nation and we at Xtrant are ecstatic to be involved. In addition to being named “Official Project Platform” for EverywherElse.co, Xtrant will represent with a booth in the Start-Up Village.  If you’re attending the conference, stop by and see us (and our talented and easy-on-the-eyes spokespeople) and give Xtrant a whirl, even chat with a founder or two.

Sponsoring the Everywhereelse.co start-up conference is one of the many ways we invest in good times.

Being Launch Sponsor at Everywhereelse.co is just one of the many ways we invest in good times.

Though Xtrant is now in “Soft Launch” mode, we’ll be officially launching at the conference on Monday, February 11th. In preparation for this we’ve been hard at work implementing awesome new features. We’ve just launched Xtrant Documents or as we like to say “xDocs” feature – which allows you to create and edit documents within an Xtrant project, making your life a whole lot easier.

Living Doc Sample

You can also make this a “Living Doc” that any contributor on your project can edit.

See y’all there.